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About Order MS

OrderMS is a generation Z platform that gives you all your sales numbers on the go... Keeps you connected with all your sales team and helps you send them Kudos..

Stay alerted with OrderMS highly vibrant alerting system that gives your pleasant goosebumps to keep you focused on your strategic sales targets.. An advanced Business Intelligence platform tells you how your business has grown over the period and much more!! An Artificial Intelligence tool gives you the best possible manoeuvres to hunt your business competition and stands tall for your business...

ORDER MS is a groundbreaking Order Management software that automates your business Sales orders including Inventory and Financials. We have awesome team of engineers, sales experts, Business Intelligence experts and designers to bring you an amazing sales experience. Our algorithm works for you and brings your customers’ sales trends in just few minutes. Let your Sales decide where to reach...

OrderMS’s Business intelligence tool brings your important indicators before you and helps you decide timely decisions.

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