Activation Policy

OrderMS is committed to providing a seamless and efficient activation process


OrderMS is committed to providing a seamless and efficient activation process for our valued customers, ensuring that our customers can access our services promptly upon completing the payment process. This delivery policy outlines the key details regarding the activation of accounts and the timeframe within which you can expect their subscription to be processed.

Subscription Activation Timeframe

Upon successful payment confirmation, OrderMS aims to activate the client's subscription within 15-30 minutes.

Payment Confirmation

Clients will receive an email confirmation immediately upon successful payment. This email will serve as acknowledgment of the payment received and will include important details about the subscription.

Activation Process

The activation process involves validating the payment, generating unique account credentials, and configuring the client's access to OrderMS services. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure a swift and accurate activation for every client.

Notification of Activation

Once the subscription is successfully activated, clients will receive a notification via email containing their account credentials and instructions on how to access OrderMS services. It is essential for clients to keep this email for their records.

Delays and Exceptions

While OrderMS strives to activate subscriptions promptly, unforeseen circumstances or technical issues may cause delays. In the event of any delays, our support team will proactively communicate with the client, providing updates and estimated timelines for resolution.

Support and Assistance

If clients encounter any issues or have questions regarding their subscription activation, our support team is available to assist. Clients can reach out to our support team via email to

Refund Policy

At OrderMS, we offer a free trial with unlimited time period. If you cancel your subscription in accordance with this Policy within 7 days of placing your subscription order, we will, upon your written request, refund your prepaid fees within 30 calendar days (only if paid). The refund will be processed through the same method as the original payment. Any bank fees and charges shall be borne solely by you.

Policy Updates

OrderMS reserves the right to update this delivery policy as needed. Clients will be notified of any changes via email.

Contact Information

For inquiries related to the delivery policy or subscription activation, please contact our support team at

This delivery policy is effective from December 1st 2023.

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