Confirm, Process & Ship Orders

An Integrated Order Management Software for the automation of your business orders.


Sales - Inventory & Fulfillment

OrderMS connects all the essential components of your SALES FUNNEL. Making your clients eager to
come back to experience the seamless buying experience again.


Order Tracking in the tip of a finger

Making it easier for your business to track your sales orders that come from multiple channels such as brick and mortar, store walk-ins, E-Commerce store, marketplaces and other platforms. Keeping you updated 24/7/365.


Generate Customer Loyalty

OrderMS strong algorithms are developed to keep the power of repeat customer in pivotal focus. We understand that acquisitions are equally important to create the retention. It all results in building an advanced CRM integrated with Order Management.


Popping up Important Alerts

Highly customizable to set email alerts when an important event is taking place for example: if your stock is going low and you need to place an order to update your stock, the system will automatically send you a notification with customized message. You decide when and what to be received as an alert on phone or PC.


Simplifying your Data into Analytics

OrderMs presents your sales numbers in the most interactive way so that it makes your easire to make informed decisions. Our powerful multidashbaords provide you with all the informaiton that is important for your business and your partners.

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