Order Management

Managing regular sales orders has been troublesome regardless of business, industry, size or even activities. OrderMS helps you manage your business orders in an effective way so that you can keep up with your promise of better customer experience.

In today’s modern business environment sales strategies have taken to new leaps. Companies offer discount coupons or scratch and win campaigns to hunt down their competitors. It is OrderMS that helps them automate and fast process their orders and make them stand tall in the competition. OrderMS’s SaaS based Cloud solution is highly cost effective and efficient for your future business activities.

Benefits of Order Management

  • Complete automation of Order Management
  • OrderMs is fully automated solution which helps its users to drill down physical location of its inventory to the final cash to counter.
  • Access anytime & anywhere
  • Take your business to anywhere; if you are offline don’t worry the OrderMs will provide you the essential information on your mobile phone.
  • Compatible for Manufactures, Wholesalers & Retailers.
  • OrderMs’s advance workflow is highly customizable for anyone and everyone. Even if you are all in one; the software will be compatible.
  • User access control
  • You control everything. You tell the software who will do what and who will see what? The software will keep up with its promise..
  • Complete Audit Trial
  • OrderMs will provide a complete activities audit of the software to know who is doing what in your software.
  • Multiple integrations
  • OrderMs Provides integrations with any Point of Sale or any of your existing application.
  • Fast and reliable
  • OrderMs is highly reliable and tested in a high volume transactions. It processes any transaction in less than a second.

Features of Order Management

  • Highly User-friendly environment
  • Fully integrated modules for automation of effective management of orders
  • Web based solution with offline options
  • Multiple User Access
  • 360 degree Order management lifecycle
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Automate Inventory
  • Accurate Billing
  • Real time Reporting

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