Warehouse Management

Smartly operate your warehouse. A cutting edge warehouse management software for your business. Manage multiple warehouses from one single point solution. No Matter how much stock you have got!! We have an intelligent solution for you.

Order Ms is an efficient system that double check your stock order; and makes it sure for you that you have got all you ordered.

Never | No Stock Out

Orde Ms never lets you go out of stock; it sends you automatic notifications and tells you to replenish the stock. It also helps you automatic generate the RFQs and receives the stock. So you never run out of your stock.

Data | Bulls Eye

We give your important data in a business intelligence tool. Monitor what item runs out too quickly in what season and when? All your business strategic decisions in just single click.

Order MS gives you freedom to keep your large warehouses in your pocket. It keeps all your stock information, sales order information, RFQs and shipment information anywhere and anytime.

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