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Get 100% visibility on your Inventory. Integrate all your channels, making it easier to refill.


Add- Edit & Update the Stock in just No Time

We understand that Inventory is a heart of your business and we handle it with extreme care and
sensitivity. Making your actions simpler and easier.


Barcodes & QR Lablels

Automatically generate Barcodes and QR Code labels for your inventory. Making sure that your business is error free and automated. Leading you to the new business heights.


Stock Reminders and Alerts

Set your stock reminders & alerts as you would like. Getting Low in stock or Overstocking, Stock is due to replenish or due to the fulfillment never miss anything. You have complete control in your inventory. Receive email alerts and Mobile Notification automatically.


Inventory Forecasting

To run a successful business it is important to invest the money where it needs the most. OMS provides you in depth insights on your inventory to give you accurate prediction to invest right amount on the inventory at the right time.


Seamless Inventory Transfers

We understand that you need to transfer inventory from one location to another to fulfill customer orders. OMS provides you the most convenient platform to transfer any number of inventory from one location to other. It helps our clients not to miss any order.

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