Inventory Management

We at OrderMS understands the problem of placing and managing inventory within a single location or multiple locations is an extremely difficult for business owners. Monitoring and maintaining the inventory/items is another hazardous tasks for small, medium & large businesses.

OrderMS provides you both the inventory management and its monitoring & maintenance. Keep a Bull’s Eye on your inventory. So, managing inventory for your business sales or the raw material to make your finished products; OrderMS provides you all solutions.

OrderMS’s dynamic process flow for managing your inventory regardless of your product or raw materials is extremely customizable to meet your existing and future needs.

OrderMS’s SaaS based Cloud solution is highly cost effective and efficient for your future business activities.

Benifts of Invenory Management

  • Integrated with order management
  • Inventory Management is fully integrated with the order management module. So once you process a new sale; the inventory will be automatically updated.
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Inventory is Integra table with your existing ecommerce solution; provides you a peace of mind to manage your stock online.
  • Pilling the Stock
  • OderMs helps you generate the unique barcode for the particular product or item in just one click to pile it.
  • Reminders/Alerts
  • OrderMs sends you reminder & alerts on the go when the inventory is touching to the predefined threshold (All In Your Hand).
  • Manager damaged & return inventory
  • OrderMs helps you manage the damaged and return inventory in just one click. You can also assign any inventory to your supplier or any other stakeholder.
  • Available on Android & IOS
  • OrderMs’s Inventory management solution is available on Android, iOS and desktop version.
  • Reporting Tool
  • You can extract reports in any format you want; e.g: Ms Excel, Ms Word, PDF, etc.

Features of Inventory Management

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Important alerts and reminders
  • Beautifully designed UI
  • Business Intelligence Tool
  • Highly User-friendly environment
  • Web based solution with offline options
  • Multiple User Access
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Real time Reporting

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