Blog - OrderMS Gets Recognized as Best Inventory Management Software

OrderMS Gets Recognized as Best Inventory Management Software

Anna Stark, November 14, 2020

Providing end-to-end solutions to automate and manage clients’ business sales operations burgeons OrderMS amongst the top inventory management software at GoodFirms.


Founded in 2018, OrderMS is a generation Z platform based in Burlington, New Jersey. It gives clients all their sales numbers on fingertips and enables them to stay connected with their sales team. OrderMS is groundbreaking order management software that automates clients' business sales orders, including inventory and financials.

The team working with OrderMS comprises professional engineers, sales experts, Business Intelligence experts, and designers who strive to provide clients with a fantastic sales experience. Its algorithm works for clients and gives them buyers' sales trends in just a few minutes.

Moreover, OrderMS’s Business intelligence tool provides clients with important indicators that help them make timely decisions. OrderMS aims to furnish clients with serious, state-of-the-art, technically, and operationally sound software solutions that address real-life management and productivity problems. Furthermore, the team evolves rapidly with the ever-growing demands of their users, providing tangible and real added value to clients of different verticals.

Inventory Management:

The team at OrderMS understands that placing and managing inventory within a single location or multiple locations is challenging for business owners. Besides this, monitoring and managing the inventory/items is another tedious task for small, medium & large companies.

OrderMS provides clients with both inventory management and its monitoring & maintenance. The team ultimately oversees and manages inventory for your business sales or the raw material to make your finished products.

Apart from this, OrderMS's dynamic process flow for managing clients' inventory regardless of their product or raw materials is extremely customizable in order to meet their existing and future needs. The SaaS-based Cloud solution developed at OrderMS is highly cost-effective and efficient for clients' future business activities.

Features of Inventory Management:

The below-listed features of inventory management are beneficial to clients' businesses in managing and operating their sales:

  1. Interactive Dashboard
  2. Important alerts and reminders
  3. Beautifully designed UI
  4. Business Intelligence Too
  5. Highly User-friendly environment
  6. Multiple User Access
  7. Multi-Channel Management
  8. Real time Reporting

How Is OrderMS Unique From Others in the Competitive Market?

OrderMS's inventory software gets integrated with order management, and its inventory management is fully integrated with the order management module. The software also provides ecommerce integration, and its inventory is integrable with clients' existing ecommerce solutions.

It also helps clients pile up their stock and generate the unique barcode for specific products in just one click. Moreover, it also sets reminders and alerts when the inventory is touching to the predefined threshold. Besides this, OrderMs helps clients to manage the damage and return stock in just one click. Clients can also assign any inventory to their suppliers or any other stakeholder.

OrderMS’s Inventory management solution is available on Android, iOS, and desktop versions. Clients can easily extract reports in any format, e.g., MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc., with its reporting tool. Thus, with such collaborative and automated software in action, without any back-and-forth run and tracking errors, endows OrderMS as one of the best inventory management software amongst the enlisted ones at GoodFirms.

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